New SEVP Procedures for Noncompliance with Form I-515A

Starting April 1, 2016, the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) will begin to send out “Intent to Terminate” notices to students and exchange visitors who failed to comply with Form I-515A.

Form I-515A, Notice to Student or Exchange Visitor, is given to nonimmigrant student (F-1/M-1), exchange visitor (J-1), and their dependents (F-2/M-2/J-2) who do not possess all the proper entry documentation at the time they enter the U.S.  The recipient of Form I-515A is required to comply with Form I-551A within 30 days of entry. Comply means the recipient and the responsible school or sponsor official correcting the entry deficiency, the recipient mailing the required documents to SEVP within 30 days, and SEVP adjudicating Form I-515A.

Starting April 1, 2016, if you fail to comply with Form I-551A, SEVP will issue you the “Intent to Terminate” notice.  Once you are issued the “Intent to Terminate” notice, you have 14 days to respond to Form I-515A.  If you fail to respond within 14 days, your SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) record will be terminated.  This termination will end your authorized period of stay in the U.S. and your record may be flagged as a possible visa violator.  In order to regain their statuses, F-1 and M-1 students, J-1 exchange visitors, and their dependents will need to file applications for reinstatement and pay fees to cure the termination.

SEVP will send the “Intent to Terminate” notices by email and/or letter to the address on the SEVIS record. Therefore, you should check to make sure that your SEVIS record contains correct and updated contact information. SEVP will also send a copy of the “Intent to Terminate” notices to school/sponsor officials who are responsible for maintaining the SEVIS records of such nonimmigrants.

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